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If you live in any city in Illinois whether it is Chicago, Springfield, Rockford or elsewhere then we can help you get the lowest prices available today on electricity in your home or business. Just choose an option below to get quotes.

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Deregulation of the electricity and natural gas market started in 1997 and since then homes and businesses have the option to choose their energy provider from the entire market after the Electric Service Customer Choice and Rate Relief Law was passed. The progress really started in 2002 when competition was opened.

In Chicago residents have four choices, these being Blue Star Energy Solutions, Champion Energy Services, Spark Energy as well as the initial company Commonwealth Edison Co. All these companies will bill you through ComEd making the entire process a little cheaper as the new providers don't need to invest into this administration expense.

Awareness of the ability to switch supplier is still relatively low and only a small percentage of homes have compared prices and changed utility provider and saved money. You too can find out if you can reduce your energy bills by comparing electric rates and tariffs online using our unique quoting and switching system. All you need is your zip code and address to start the process to find the best pricing for your home or commercial premises.

Guide to Electricity in Illinois

So how does the process now work if you live in Chicago Illinois or any other town in the state? Because the deregulation is now in place and you have four energy companies to choose from as outlined above you get to choose which organization to go with. There are some excellent deals to be had and they are likely to vary depending on where you live and of course how much energy you use.

Here's how our specialist service works and how you can take advantage of the best energy prices today.

  1. Enter your Illinois address and zip code
  2. Compare today's prices for all available tariffs
  3. Select the rates you are interested in
  4. We'll help you switch to your new provider
  5. All administration is handled by us
  6. You get the best prices available today

Available Energy Companies to Choose From

You are able to switch to any of the following companies that operate in your zip code. We'll provide you with a no-obligation quote for your home or business.

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